The excess moisture in the air can cause many issues such as mold and mildew. It can make your home feel sticky and uncomfortable. Humidity can cause you grief at the same time; mouldy curtains, shoes, clothes and ceilings For these reasons, it’s important to look for effective ways that can reduce moisture levels in your home. This is where the best dehumidifier can come in handy.  Many people wonder whether they can use their portable air conditioner as a dehumidifier. You might be one of them wondering how a portable air conditioner can cool and dehumidify a room at the same time.

Whether you are considering buying one, or already own a portable air conditioner, it is important to know how it can work as a dehumidifier. Let’s delve right into the article to find out more.

A Portable air conditioner as a dehumidifier

As the name suggests, a portable air conditioner is a freestanding AC unit that comes with a vent tube. This tube releases hot air out of the window. The level of humidity can affect your comfort as well as health in your home. Higher humidity levels can lead to mould growth and cause allergy and asthma problems. A portable air conditioner can be handy to reduce humidity in your home depending on its model. The one which comes with a dehumidifier mode is more effective compared to a simple portable air conditioner. If you want to reduce mould or other humidity-related issues in your home, consider installing a portable air conditioner that has a dehumidifier mode.

How does a portable air conditioner work?

A portable air conditioner serves the primary purpose of cooling the air. But, the working mechanism makes it very similar to a dehumidifier. Below you will find how a portable air conditioner works as an AC dehumidifier and for cooling.

  • Firstly, a fan is responsible for drawing the air into the portable air conditioner. This air passes through a series of pipes containing a refrigerant, which cools the air quickly.
  • A vent tube releases the hot air outside which is produced by the compressor.
  • A portable air conditioner comes with a reservoir, which makes it work as a dehumidifier. The reservoir collects condensed moisture. Some of the moisture is vented through the exhaust. Some portable air conditioners are designed to make moisture evaporate back into the air.

Primarily, a portable air conditioner is designed to cool the air. But, there are many models that come with a dehumidifier mode. If you want to reduce indoor humidity levels in your home, it is important to buy the right portable air conditioner model. Look for the dry mode or a dehumidifier mode in your portable air conditioner. It can ensure that your AC unit will work perfectly as a dehumidifier. Looking for this mode is one of the easiest ways to check whether your portable AC unit works as a dehumidifier.

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