You may not have heard this before, but when shopping for aircon units, size matters. An AC that’s too small will struggle to work in a large and open room. A model that’s too big will cool an area too quickly without removing enough humidity from the air, leaving you cold and clammy.

Make a smart choice and you’ll feel just right; you will also be saving money. Smaller air conditioners are said to work more economically in smaller or medium rooms, rather than a huge unit, which will cost way more.

To measure, multiply the length by the width of your room. Add these dimensions together and leave out the doors. Quick Air recommends that you simply make adjustments for the subsequent circumstances when getting an air-con installation:

• If the space is heavily shaded, reduce capacity by 10%.

• If the space is extremely sunny, increase capacity by 10%.

• If two people regularly occupy the space, add 600 BTU for every additional person.

• If the unit is employed in a kitchen, increase capacity by 4,000 BTU.

Will a smaller air conditioning work, or will a bigger one be better? Here’s an idea about those questions. Smaller BTU units will continually run, just to keep the temperature under control. This may increase your bill, and it's unlikely the unit is going to be ready to cool your world effectively.

Our professional’s tip:

Installing a wall-mounted, built-in air conditioner, rather than a window air conditioner is really more efficient and may do a far better cooling job. If you think that about it, a window unit usually sits low within the room. Wall-mounted built-in units are usually placed through the wall at around 5 to six feet above the ground. Having the cold air filtering down from a better point has its advantages for stirring the room's air and cooling the room's temperature more thoroughly. The air conditioning thermostat is mounted within the air conditioning, therefore the higher it is, the higher it is for mounting the air conditioning. With a built-in sleeve, the air conditioning unit is often pulled out for cleaning with ease and may easily be removed at the top of the season for storage during the winter. Using a winter cap, the opening is sealed until next season when the heat increases again.

Once you've decided which unit fits you best, just give us a call on 1300 730 896. Our licensed technician can provide you high quality air conditioning installation at an affordable price.