A normally operating air conditioning system is a vital part of every home and arguably something that most of us can't live without. Maintaining proper air conditioning efficiency is essential for a lot more than just keeping the house cool. If you've been practicing correct air conditioning maintenance, you'll have a clean filter that circulates air and filters out dust, which makes your air as clean as it crisp and cold. Not only that, but it'll keep your body temperature cool as well, preventing sluggishness, keeping you calm, and stopping you and your devices from overheating. If you have any problems with your air conditioner, consider looking into a professional air conditioning service to help you out and make sure you're getting the freshest air possible.

Preparing Your Air Conditioner for the Summer

When summer approaches, all heat-related risks become much higher. That heat-induced laziness becomes so much worse, insects swarm around the house, and the humidity can wear down your furniture. Over the winter, your air conditioning unit has probably spent time collecting dust and dirt while it's been heating your home, so it's more than time for a tune-up so that your air conditioner works properly after the switch from heating to cooling. A good recommendation is also to install a programmable thermostat if your air conditioning system didn't already come with one, so you have control over the changing temperatures.

The Basic Fixes

There are little things that you can do yourself without professional air conditioning repair. The easiest is to change your air filter. While filters should be changed once every month or two, making sure you change it before the summer begins will prepare you to have a smooth-running system. You can also do a fair bit of cleaning, including cleaning the coils and fins. The coils can be sprayed down with a hose or cleaned with AC cleaner purchased online or from a department store. The fins can be scrubbed down with a little brush like a toothbrush or anything soft and small. In addition to cleaning the air conditioner itself, it's a smart idea to clear the debris around the unit and trim back any shrubbery or foliage that might grow to interfere with the air conditioner efficiency. Lastly, you might want to check for leaks and level your AC if you find that it stands uneven on the ground or on the concrete slab it stands on.

The Professional Fixes

Once you tidy up all that you can by yourself, a beneficial next step would be to call in a professional AC technician to have your unit checked out and make sure it's ready to go for the summer. Don't worry! Quick Air is here to help you. Call us on 1300 730 896. Our technician will do all the air conditioning services that you might not have been able to do yourself. They'll check more in-depth for leaks, check the tightness of the belts, how well your thermostat works, how well the electric terminals are functioning, and make sure you have the proper amount of refrigerant in your system. If anything is awry, we'll be here to help you arrange a time for air conditioning repairs before the summer begins.

Do everything that you can do to check your air conditioning system out for the summer; it's not only a good feeling to stay cool, but important for your health as well.