The air conditioner in your home works day and night for your comfort. It protects you from outside heat, keeps away allergies, and provides healthy airflow. However, most of the time you never think about your air conditioner until it stops functioning and doesn't provide enough cooling for your home. Just like any other appliance, ACs will require maintenance, or you might need to replace the system altogether. To avoid the maintenance cost, keep your AC unit running longer by following simple steps throughout the year to reduce the stress on AC and to extend its lifespan.

1. Give your AC a Rest

When you run the air conditioner constantly, the efficiency gets affected and it wears out quickly. To improve the efficiency of AC, it is important to turn off your AC when you are heading out of home or when the weather is nice outside. You can keep the thermostat on at 5 degrees to allow the air to pass through but not cool it. Or you can turn off the thermostat at night. This technique will help to extend the AC lifespan; because the AC will not be working all the time without a break.

2. Clean Your AC Unit Regularly

Keep your A/C unit running longer by cleaning the unit regularly. This step is so important. The outdoor unit should be free of weeds and dust. You need to make sure that your outdoor unit is installed at a higher level so the water does not fill in when it rains. Clean out the dust and debris accumulating around the unit. When your unit is kept clean, the chance of a mechanical breakdown decreases.

3. Allow Air to Circulate

Allow proper airflow to pass through the unit to improve the efficiency of your AC. If you find any obstructions in air vents or near the outside unit, then remove them to let the air pass through freely.

4. Clean the Ducts

One of the reasons your AC is not working efficiently might be that the ducts are dirty.  If that is the case, then the system slows down and doesn't provide the needed airflow for your home. Dirt and residue accumulate inside the ducts, which makes it hard for cold air to pass. You can call the air conditioner service to help you clean out the ducts properly and to keep your A/C unit running longer.

5. Change the Filter Regularly

Along with cleaning the AC unit regularly, you need to change its filter (known as the lungs of the system) to keep your AC unit running longer.  AC filters are installed in the air handler. Turn off your AC first, and then switch the old one with a new one. Generally, a filter can last for 6 months and others need to change more frequently.

Some technical issues may also affect the efficiency of your AC that needs an expert check-up. Repair companies are busy keeping your air conditioner working. To keep your AC unit running longer, and maintained properly, call a professional air conditioner service before your AC starts to act up.