Technology has replaced the old fire furnaces and introduced us to the whole new world of space heating. Now, all the less-balmy areas of your home or business can be warmed up without burning wood. Whether it is your house’s basement or your office’s cubical, space heating can be seen everywhere. Heating is considered to be the major chunk of total electricity bills, especially in the winters. Therefore, it becomes important to have a heater that is energy efficient and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

There is a wide range of assortment. You can have a solar heater, an electric heater or even a gas heating system. But everything comes down to one simple question; can I make it more efficient? Of course, you can! Just follow the following tips:

Look For Energy Efficiency Rating:

Most electronic appliances, today come with energy efficiency stars rating on them. More the stars, more efficient is your product. You can check the same of the new one you want to buy or the existing one to find out if your heater is energy efficient or not.

Take An Airtight Test:

There is no time heating the space if the cold air from outside is still entering the room. You can check this simply by taking a burning incense stick near the edges of windows and if you see the smoke drifting horizontally from the edge, then the window is not airtight and there is air coming in from there. The same can be done for doors and fireplace dampers as well. You can cure this by using sealing tape or caulk on the edges and you will notice your room getting heated up faster and no heat leaking out.

Install Reversible Ceiling Fans:

Installing reversible ceiling fans will make your home ready for all the seasons. In summers it will help in cooling, and in winters it will keep the house warm. Wondering how? The anti-clockwise rotation of the fan will collect the warm air generated by your heater and pull in downwards making the room warmer soon. Hence, saving energy.

Invest In A Good Thermostat:

People consider thermostat as an additional expense, but on the contrary belief, it could save you money. An automatic thermostat will allow you to set the temperature according to your requirements. This way the heat can be lowered when you do not need it. For example: while you are asleep, or gardening or not at home.

Set Up Ducted Heating:

Most ducted gas heaters come with a rating above the Australian standards, making them the best option if energy efficiency is your ultimate goal. They spread heat evenly and can be flexed depending on the space where the heating is required and where it is not. This further saves money as well as energy. Ducted heating is a one-time investment is an energy saving asset you can swear by.

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So, now you can yourself find out if your heater is energy efficient or not. Try them and take your first step towards energy conservation.