Are you looking for effective ways to eliminate dust in your home? It is important to take necessary measures in order to reduce factors leading to poor indoor air quality. Indoor pollution can cause major issues for your home as well as your health. Completely eradicating dust from your home can be difficult and might be impossible for you. However, there are some effective ways that can help reduce your home’s dust levels.

Do you wonder how to eliminate dust in your home? Here are some of the recommended ways to substantially reduce dust in your home.

1) Keep filters clean

What’s the purpose of the HVAC system’s air filters? They trap debris and dust flowing through your system’s air. It means the air around your home is vented through your HVAC as well as forced through air filters. As a result, you can trap a lot of dust with the help of a quality  filter. So use the filter recommended by your system’s manufacturer. Most importantly, consider the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of a filter to ensure it is effective for your HVAC system.  If your existing filter is not working properly, the best solution is to replace the HVAC filter as soon as possible.

2) Check your air ducts

Do you have a forced-air HVAC system in your home? It is important to check your air ducts to see whether they are properly sealed or not. Air ducts are responsible for carrying air to and from your heating and cooling system. If they are not sealed well, it can provide a pathway to unfiltered air into your home. As a result, it can lead to more dust levels in your home. For that reason, your air ducts must be checked for sealing or leaks to ensure they are not spreading dust throughout your home.

3) Use an air purifier

Want to eliminate the sources of dust in your home? This is where the best air purifier can come in handy. Such a purifier works with your home’s HVAC system to purify the air containing dust, allergens, and other particles. As a result, it can improve indoor air quality of your home. Most importantly, utilizing an air purifier can ensure the dust will never make it to your home’s air. Consider installing a whole-home purifier because it can purify all the air in your home. Portable units are ideal if you want to eliminate or reduce dust in a certain room. It’s better to get a single purifier unit for a whole home, compared to installing small portable units in every room to achieve the same result.

4) Daily cleaning routine

When it comes to dust, a daily cleaning routine is a perfect solution. Stick to a daily cleaning routine and wipe down the surfaces to reduce dust in your home. Cleaning can help reduce dust levels before they take over your home.

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