All machines need some kind of maintenance after a period of time. It is likely that after a while, your HVAC system might develop issues. These include congestion or blockages in the air ducts, which can drastically reduce the lifespan of a heating or cooling system.

If not properly serviced, you are likely to face issues of clogged air ducts more often than you’d like. People end up blaming the HVAC system when the heating or cooling system fails to warm them, while the problem might just be clogged air ducts.

Below, we have provided a short guide to help you deal with clogged air ducts effectively.

Is Your Air Duct Clogged?

Before we can solve the issue of a clogged air duct, we first need to learn to identify a clogged duct:.

  • Notice temperature differences in rooms of your building.
  • Are there any changes in the energy bill? Are you having to pay more than you usually have to?
  • Notice if you or your family members are having any respiratory problems, this could be because of the air quality being poor.

How to Deal Clogged Air Ducts?

Clogged air ducts are going to prevent air from circulating as freely as it should. Here are ways you can deal with the issue.

1. Check the Vents

Inspect the vents to see if there is a problem that could be easily addressed. Sometimes, the vents aren’t easily visible to you. Chances are you’ve moved some furniture or household item in front of them and have forgotten about it; this may be causing the blockage.

This means the air can’t flow as smoothly. Adjust your furniture to see if the problem is resolved. If not, the next step is to examine how dirty or clean the vents are. Dust and debris are easily collected on the vents due to constant airflow. The buildup can block the airflow.

Take a damp cloth and clean the vent, but be careful not to damage  them. If you’re scared of damaging something, you can call our air conditioner service technicians to help you with it.

2. Check the Air Filters

Air filters in any heating or cooling system are going to collect dirt, dust, and other impurities. When the filter isn’t cleaned or replaced at the proper time, it increases the chances of vents becoming clogged.

The clogged air filter reduces the amount of airflow in the ducts. This can lead to buildup in the vents, and when it becomes significant, the vents will get clogged.

Make sure to get your air filters changed regularly to keep the vents free from dirt and dust buildup.

If the problem persists, instead of risking damaging a part of your heating or cooling system by checking it yourself, seek professional consultation or hire a maintenance service, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of diagnosing the problem each time. Contact us now at 1300 730 896 for professional help.