Hydronic heating systems have been around for years and still remain a popular choice among homeowners for a number of reasons. Hydronic heating units are not only highly energy-efficient, but are equally versatile enough to be used in commercial facilities for both air-conditioning and heating because they can handle both heated and chilled water loop.

Hydronic heating involves heating water using an electric heat pump or a gas boiler and transporting the heated water via pipes to disperse an even temperature across your home. The hot water is effectively distributed through radiator panels installed within your home.

What are the other potential benefits offered by hydronic heating systems?

  • They are safe and healthy: Most heating devices function by pumping recycled air through your home to heat your space. However, hydronic heating systems work quite differently. They use radiators and hot water to naturally heat your space through either radiant heat or convection. This simply implies that there is no risk of fire hazards because they are completely sealed. What’s more, they are allergen and dust-free and this can be great news for those suffering from respiratory health issues.
  • They are eco-friendly: Since they only use natural gas and water, hydronic heating is considered an earth-friendly option that consumes nearly 70% less energy than their electricity-dependent reverse cycle counterparts.
  • They are relatively quieter: Hydronic heating systems operate quietly and with one at your disposal, you won’t get disturbed by the sounds of a heating device kicking on and off in the course of the night.
  • They are cost-effective: Depending on the size of your structure or home, you are bound to see significant savings in your monthly energy bills when you install a hydronic heating unit. It has been proven that these unique heating units are between 15 and 20% less expensive to operate compared to ducted systems.

You have every reason to install a hydronic heating system in your home. However, for you to enjoy any of the above benefits, your hydronic heating unit not only needs to be installed by a qualified hydronic heating installation expert, but will also need to be serviced and maintained more regularly.

If you have already installed a hydronic heating unit in your home, you probably want to know how often you need to service your system. A hydronic heating unit consists of many parts, but the boiler is arguably the most important component. To ensure that the boiler is working optimally at all times, it is highly recommended that you should have a qualified, experienced, and insured hydronic heating system repair and service specialist examine your boiler every year!

Routine maintenance service is usually a preventive approach that significantly reduces the chances of any disruptions and inconveniences to your unit during the colder season. This will ensure that your hydronic heating unit will always remain in tip-top condition and run smoothly and safely, allowing you to enjoy premium comfort for years.

It is imperative to note that installing a hydronic heating unit is a complex process that only requires the intervention of a highly qualified professional. Doing it yourself will only result in a long list of unending repair problems. Working with a professional may cost you more, but getting it right the first time will save you both money and time.

Equally, maintaining your hydronic heating system should only be carried out by an individual who is well-equipped to work on this type of heating system.

To wrap things up, the best way to ensure your hydronic heating system is operating optimally and without any issues is to arrange an annual service, where a qualified professional will thoroughly examine the unit for faults and ensure the unit is kept in tip-top working condition. And if you experience any problem with your hydronic heating device, don’t hesitate to contact Quick Air. Our hydronic heating and cooling experts are always available to diagnose and mitigate the problem. Call us on 1300 730 896