If you have an air conditioner, then one of the big questions is how often you should put it through an air conditioner service. Here, we are going to answer that question, as well as give you information about why you need to have your air conditioner serviced.

How often do you need an air conditioner service?

You should have a service carried out every single year. At least once. Most people will have their air conditioner maintenance carried out in the spring, shortly before it is due to be called into action. However, as long as it is being serviced, then it probably isn't going to matter too much about when it is done, it is just important that it is done.

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You may also want to have a service carried out if the air conditioner does not appear to be performing to the same standard that it did in the past. However, the chances of this are small if you opt for regular servicing.

Yes. Some people will see air conditioner maintenance like this to be costly. However, regular services will help to keep your energy bills low and prevent any long-term issues with your air conditioner which can be expensive to repair. As a result, it is important that you opt for a company that understands these systems well (preferably one that also does air conditioner installation), to ensure that your air conditioner is being inspected fully.

Why do you need an air conditioner service?

Whenever your air conditioner is turned on, it is going to be taking the air, Obviously, the air is never going to be completely 'fresh'. It is full of dust and other particles. This could end up getting trapped inside the air conditioner. This, eventually, will clog up the air conditioner and result in it needing to work a whole lot harder to keep your room or home cooled down. Some research has shown that for each year you skip a service, the efficiency of your air conditioner can fall by as much as 5%. Do you really want an extra 5% added to your already high energy bills?

Servicing the air conditioner will also result in a lower chance of extensive repairs in the future. There are some parts of the system, particularly the outdoor coil, which can drastically reduce the lifespan of your equipment if they get dirty and remain unserviced. Same with the inside of your air conditioner. If the more delicate parts are not checked over on occasion, then they are more likely to fail.

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Servicing may even spot issues before they become issues.. This means that, in the long run, you are going to save money as it is better to solve these smaller issues through an air conditioner service than it is to wait for them to become bigger problems which could, ultimately, require you to replace the entire air conditioning system.

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