Are you wondering how often an air conditioner needs refrigerant? If your central air conditioning isn’t cooling your home well, you may think that it needs more refrigerant. It’s important to know that almost every air conditioner unit comes with a specified level of refrigerant. For this reason, it’s unlikely for an air conditioner to need more refrigerant; unless, there is any defective component or a refrigerant leak.

You do not have to refill your AC with refrigerant unless you have a gas leak or a similar issue. It’s recommended to schedule a professional air conditioner service with an HVAC technician if you suspect that AC needs to be refilled.

Common Signs That Your Central Air Conditioner Is Low On Coolant

Understanding some common signs can help you determine the right time to charge your AC with more refrigerant. Sometimes, a refrigerant leak requires you to refill your AC with coolant. Refilling gas is expensive, but it can benefit you in the long run.

Your AC needs more refrigerant if it is:

  • Running using more power
  • Making various noises
  • Struggling to achieve the desired temperature
  • Blowing warm air in the room

If you experience any of these signs, call a professional air conditioner service to have your AC inspected. Meanwhile, you can also check whether or not your air conditioner is low on coolant. All you need is to set the temperature lower (almost 10 degrees) than room temperature. Wait for 30 minutes and carefully check the refrigerant lines. If your AC is low on coolant, you will see ice on the copper pipes. Your AC will need more refrigerant in case the amount is already too low.

Call a professional air conditioner service

Refrigerant repairing is a huge undertaking that requires professional experience. If there is a refrigerant leak, you should call an experienced air conditioner technician to locate the leak and repair it professionally.

Do you wonder why you can’t deal with refrigerant leaks yourself?

Refrigerant is a toxic substance that can cause various issues if not dealt with professionally. It can lead to breathing problems, which may eventually lead to death. For this reason, you shouldn’t try to locate the leak yourself; unless you’ve the required expertise to deal with air conditioner refrigerants. It’s better to leave this task to someone professional with the skills and expertise.

Refilling your AC unit with refrigerant can be expensive. But, it depends on the type of refrigerant and size of your air conditioner. At Quick Air, our professional HVAC technicians can inspect your AC unit to provide cost-effective solutions for the refrigerant. If you suspect that your air conditioner is low on coolant, one of our experts can determine whether your AC needs more refrigerant or not. In the case of a refrigerant leak, locating and repairing the leak is the only solution. Undoubtedly, it can help save a ton of money in the long run. We always treat our clients with utmost respect and honesty. call us at 1300 730 896.