In Australia, many homes will have a split system air conditioner installed, or perhaps a few of them installed over several different rooms. As you may know, it is recommended that you have an air conditioner service carried out frequently. Here, we want to look at why you need to have it done regularly and, perhaps more importantly, the price that you will pay for this vital part of air conditioner maintenance.

The Benefits of Split System Air Conditioners

Due to the way in which they operate, split system air conditioners can be a lot more energy efficient than standard air conditioner units in a property. After all, you do not need to worry about any temperature loss due to the ducts. They are a lot quieter too.

Perhaps the main reason why people opt for a split system air conditioner is the fact that installation on these units is cheaper than a larger system. Ducts do not need to be installed, for example. You also have a lot more control over the average temperature in a room. With a larger system, you just have a single control which won't let you impact a specific temperature for a specific room.

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The cost of an air conditioner service

Here at Quick Air, our pricing structure is simple. If you are a new customer, then your air conditioner service will cost you $199. If you are a returning customer, then it will cost you $189. Unless repairs need to be carried out to your air conditioner, this price won't change. There is nothing hidden in that cost.

To get the maximum efficiency from your air conditioner, you should have a service carried out at least once per year. If you have multiple split system air conditioners in your home, then it may be costly to have all of them serviced at the same time. However, this isn't required. Some people will have just one or two of their air conditioners serviced per month during 'off-season'. If you can't afford to have all of your air conditioners serviced in a year, then you may skip a year for a couple of them. They won't be as efficient, but as long as they are fairly new units then it should be fine.

Why should you opt for a regular air conditioner service?

An air conditioner service will ensure that your air conditioner operates at peak efficiency. If it isn't serviced regularly, then the efficiency can drop by as much as 5% per year, which will push up your energy bills.

In addition to this, a regular service will prolong the life of the air conditioner. If it is regularly serviced, then the insides can be kept nice and clean. This means that the delicate components do not need to work as hard to keep you cool. If there is any issue with the unit, then you can opt for air conditioner repair now, as opposed to later on down the line when it could be a big issue and thus costlier to fix.

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