Ducted heating systems are very efficient in warming the house, especially during the cold season. They are widely used by most households in Australia because they are very efficient in distributing heat across all rooms in the house. The ducted heating system has obtained its name from the fact that it usually distributes heat through ducts that are connected to the cleaning vents and floor registers. Hot air usually passes through the ducts into the house to warm it.

If you have a ducted heating system in your house, then you definitely know the importance of having it professionally cleaned. A ducted heating system can only work efficiently if the ducts are well cleaned and free from dirt, debris, and dust that block the free flow of air. Cleaning your ducted heating system also helps to reduce allergens and irritants, removes unpleasant odour and promotes a cleaner living environment for family members. If you are planning to have your ducted heating cleaned by a professional ducted heating service, then you are making the right decision. However, one question that you must be asking yourself is, how much does it cost to clean ducted heating? There are many things that will determine how much it will cost you to have your ducted heating cleaned as discussed below.

1) Size of your home

The overall size of your house will determine how much it will cost you to have your ducted heating system cleaned. For instance, a person who lives in a 5-bedroom villa will pay more to have his ducted heating system cleaned compared to a person living in a three-bedroom house. A bigger house means more ducts and vents to be cleaned. This means more labour and resources to be used to have them cleaned. The amount that you will pay to clean ducted heating system depends on the number of ducts that have been installed in your house. More ducts mean more additional cleaning time hence more cost.

2) The material that the ducts are made off

Ducts are made of different materials including insulated fibreglass, sheet material or non-metallic material. Some materials such as insulated fibreglass are complex to clean and require additional care. The materials that your ducts are made off will determine how much it will cost you have them cleaned. If the ducts are made of complex materials that require more work to have them cleaned, then you will definitely pay more.

3) Location of the ducts

The location of the duct will also determine the cleaning cost. If the ducts are located in areas that are difficult to access, then means that the heater repair company will have to use more resources to access and clean the ducts. It is will also take time to have them cleaned. If the ducts to be cleaned are located in areas that are difficult to access and clean then the cost of cleaning will also go up.

4) Presence of mould and asbestos

Some older buildings have traces of asbestos in the ducts. If that is the case in your home, then you will have to pay more to have your ducted heating system cleaned. This is because the asbestos which is life-threatening will first need to be removed before the ducts are cleaned. Likewise, if the ducts are heavily contaminated with moulds, then the cleaning cost will go up. This is because special duct cleaning chemicals such as sealants will have to be used to remove the mould.