Wondering how to choose the right-size furnace for your home? Choosing a furnace is not as easy as many people believe. It’s important to choose the right size to ensure the furnace will work properly. There are some factors that you need to consider when looking for the right furnace.  That’s why many homeowners end up buying the wrong sized furnace; because they overlook these factors. Such a mistake can be costly for you. Apart from that, it can lead to uncomfortable temperatures in your home.

All you need is to buy a furnace depending on your home heating needs. Consider how much heat a furnace can produce to cover basic heating needs in your home. A highly qualified heater service professional can help you choose the right size furnace for your home. In addition, this article provides a brief guide on how furnace sizing works.

How To Calculate Basic Heating Needs

Do you want to calculate basic heating needs in your home? You’re unlikely to buy the right furnace size without calculating heating needs in your home. All you need is to multiply the square footage of your home by the heating factor. It will give you the output rating of the furnace your home needs. This calculation is very straightforward and one that you can do easily.

In addition, you need to consider some variables.

What Variables To Consider When Calculating Heating Needs

Here’s what you need to consider when calculating basic heating needs for your home.

1) Insulation

There are different heating factors depending on the insulation of a particular home. For example, 15 BTU is a heating factor for a well-insulated home. On the other hand, it may need to go as high as 35 BTU for an older home. So, you must take into consideration how good your home insulation is when calculating heating needs.

2) Glass Factor

You need a higher capacity furnace if there are a lot of windows and/or patio doors. That’s because major heat loss occurs through the glass in any property.

3) Sun exposure

Exposure to the sun is another important factor you must consider. The heating capacity increases if there is a lot of sun exposure. For that reason, you need to calculate basic heating needs depending on the sun exposure.

Buying an oversized furnace won’t do any good to your property. It doesn’t ensure that your home will stay warm. An oversized furnace can lead to a short lifespan, less energy efficiency, and more frequent repairs. Similarly, you shouldn’t buy a too-small furnace for your home because it can create high energy costs and uneven heating.

An expert HVAC technician at Quick Air can help you buy the right furnace size for your home. Our qualified HVAC professionals have the expertise to calculate the exact heating needs. We can inspect your home to choose the furnace that suits your property. Whether you need assistance with furnace installation or maintenance, give us a call at 1300 730 896 for reliable service.