A clear air conditioner filter ensures the air in your home is breathable and protects you from respiratory illness. It is essential to make sure that you have an air conditioning service to inspect your device regularly and provide aircon maintenance.

Taking time to clean aircon filters yourself is an excellent way to ensure that the system lasts longer. That being said, it is crucial to have an expert check it regularly to ensure that you are doing a good job. Cleaning your air conditioner will ensure that you have fresher and cleaner air in your home.

Steps For Cleaning Your Air Filters

Here are some vital steps to follow when cleaning an air conditioner.

1) Inspect the AC

You will need to examine your AC to find out whether it needs to be cleaned. Before you do this, make sure that you turn off the system to ensure that unfiltered air does not circulate in the room while you are cleaning the filters. Carefully unscrew the vent and remove the filter by turning the release handle. Slide it out cautiously so that you do not damage and inspect it thoroughly. If you notice that it is covered in fine dust or stains, you will need to clean it immediately. In case it is damaged, you can call an air conditioner maintenance service for help.

2) Clean the Filter

If have noticed dust or stains on the aircon filters, you can clean them with a vacuum cleaner or under warm water in your bathtub. To clean using a hand-held vacuum cleaner, make sure you carefully pass the vacuum cleaner over the entire surface of the filter. Check that all the dust and particles are completely gone.

Water gives your filter a deeper clean. You will need to run warm water from a showerhead or bathtub faucet in the opposite direction of airflow. Make sure that the water removes all the dust and particles in the filter.

If your AC uses disposable filters, remove and replace them. You can buy air filters from your local hardware store, but make sure that you confirm the size of the filter before buying.

3) Drying

Ensure that you allow your clean aircon filters to dry thoroughly before you put them back into your aircon unit. You can lean it against your bathtub wall for several hours to ensure that it is dry. If you need to dry it quickly, set your hair dryer to cool and use it on the air filter. Do not reinstall your air filter unless it is dry.

Wet air filters can encourage mold growth and will not filter air properly. They can also damage your air-con. In case your air conditioning unit is damaged, make sure that you call a reliable air conditioner service provider for repair.

4) Reinstall Air Filter

Ascertain that they are dry and then reinsert the clean aircon filters. Ensure that the arrows are facing away from you, then place the air filter back into its original position.

It is crucial to clean your air conditioning unit regularly. This ensures that it works properly and serves you for a long time. As mentioned above, make sure that you have a technician inspect it regularly.