Bonaire's remote-controlled temperature systems are designed to work with a hand-held controller for programming and troubleshooting issues. However, interference from nearby units can make the system less effective - or even inoperable at times.

The remedy is simply resetting your four-digit Bonaire Comfort Control user code so you can get back to heating things up. These systems also lockout during fault sequences that detect power surges and other minor electrical faults, making it harder for these problems to affect your safety and the reliability of the air conditioner's performance.

How can you reset the Bonaire air conditioner?

It is generally a good reason for a system to go into a fault scenario and require resetting. Before you attempt to reset the unit, note the fault code on the screen if you have to report it with a service request. Usually, resetting the unit will not resolve the problem, but if services have been interrupted, the unit may not restart correctly. A failed component or a persistent installation issue will cause the unit to fail again.

Steps to reset the Bonaire air conditioner

Use the following steps to reset the unit using the wall/RF remote control:

Step 1: Turn your Bonaire Comfort system off and then back on immediately by flipping the power switch.

Step 2: When the "Heat/Cool/Fresh Air" and "Off" buttons are pressed together, the system will turn off. As soon as you see "Set Code" followed by your four digits, release the buttons.

Step 3: You can change the digits below the power button by using the directional keys. Press the Enter key after changing a digit to proceed to the next digit. A flashing "Code" will appear after you have entered all four digits.

Step 4: You will see the word "Code" stop flashing after 15 seconds. Now that the unit is operational, you can use it.

Step 5: Hold down the "Set/Time" button and the "Enter" button simultaneously if the display reads "Reset."

Upon restart, the unit should not encounter any persisting issues. Please note these fault codes and tell us about them when requesting a service call for a failed unit. It will help our technicians identify the correct components on the service call. Call us at 1300 730 896 to book our experts to fix the issues.

How can you reset the Bonaire Slimline Control?

The UP/DOWN buttons need to be held down for 5 seconds. The appliance will receive the reset command. The following steps will get you started (if the installer has not already done so for you). Slimline Controllers are designed to provide simple operation control over your products.