In the extreme heat of the summers, having a malfunctioning air conditioner can be quite problematic. You are likely to find yourself in trouble if you are unable to decipher what the issue is.

In most cases, the air conditioner stops working and displays an error code. An annoying situation; especially when you cannot interpret what the code actually means. This is where you find yourself in plight if the weather is making you hot under the collar!.

Most of the time, it's not too complicated to fix your air conditioner errors. Sometimes, with just a little troubleshooting or servicing, you can resolve the issue.

Why is my Air Conditioner showing errors?

Even if you have one of the best inverter ACs, your AC might occasionally act up and end up displaying error codes.

Before you are able to fix the issue, it’s useful to understand a few faulty aspects that might be causing the trouble.

  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Technical faults
  • No gas in the unit
  • Issues in power supply
  • Delay in fan or compressor starting
  • Unforeseen weather conditions
  • Defrosting

Any of these issues can cause the breakdown of your AC and display an error.

What does an E2 error code mean?

If your air conditioning system displays an E2 error, it means there is an outdoor unit sensor error. You can detect a tiny LED light signaling this error on your air conditioner.

This issue arises when the evaporation temperature is lower than the temperature under the cooling or dry mode. This causes the compressor and outdoor fan motor to stop functioning.

How to fix the E2 error on my Air Conditioner?

To resolve the defect caused by the E2 error, check on the following features to make sure every part of the air conditioner is intact.

1. Indoor filter blockage

The filter might be blocked due to dust, dirt, or any other obstruction. Remove the filters and wash them properly with water.

2. Damaged Indoor unit fan blower

If the indoor fan blower is dirty or defective, your AC is likely to show an E2 error. In this case, you need to remove it. To fix it, the blower either needs to be cleaned properly or if it has been damaged, it will require replacement.

3. Faulty Indoor unit Fan Motor

An E2 error might appear due to a damaged or slow fan motor, which hinders the overall performance of the Air Conditioner. If this happens, you'll need to laminate the unit. You might want to hire an experienced technician to perform this job properly.

4. Coil clogged due to obstruction

The evaporator and condenser coils of the AC sometimes get clogged with dirt and require reconditioning. Remove the coil and wash it with a water pressure pump, restoring it back to its clean state.

5. Refrigeration leakage in the Outlet

There might be a leakage in the system preventing the smooth circulation of chilled air in the air conditioner. Check the outlets for air return and the entrance to ensure that the duct is not choked at any point.

Bottom line

Error E2 is one of the most common errors displayed by an air conditioner. By just following these simple steps, you can fix your air conditioner. Now that you know what the issue might be, you can either fix it yourself or, if needed, call in Quick Air expert technician at 1300 730 896 for any repairs needed.