Imagine it’s a blistering hot day, and you’ve just gotten home from a busy day out in the scorching sun. You want to cool off, get a breath of fresh air, so you turn on your AC. But, oh no! Your AC’s performance is so poor that it barely makes a difference. For something that’s such a hefty load on your electricity bill, it’s understandably very frustrating when it doesn’t do its job, but have you wondered why it isn’t working right? Before you rush off to call your electrician for expensive air conditioner repairs, or even consider getting a new air conditioner installation, hold your horses! The solution to your problem might be easier than you think.

How To Know If Your Conditioner Is Just Dirty

There’s a good chance that the real culprit behind your AC’s poor performance is dust! Now, you can have a professional of ours from Quick Air come in and inspect your unit for you; we offer excellent air conditioning services. But if you want to check it yourself, you can do so by:

  1. Drying out the moisture in your AC by running it on fan mode for 30-40 mins
  2. Switching it off and removing the plug
  3. Opening the front panel of the unit by opening the clips on the side

How An Air Conditioner Gets Dirty

Your AC works by recirculating the air in your house and cooling it. Naturally, the dust in the air passes through the AC, but your Air Conditioner filter usually filters it out. However, over time the filter becomes clogged with dirt, and it affects its ability to filter more dirt which in turn affects the efficient flow of air and the working of your AC.

Effects Of Dirt on Your Air Conditioner

Dirt might seem like it’s not a big deal, but you’d be shocked to know the effects these minute particles can have on your air conditioning unit.

  • It can shorten the life of your unit after being in your unit for a long time, and it even has the power to cost you expensive air conditioner repairs.
  • It can make keeping your home clean a challenging task, as the air conditioning unit might keep blowing more dust into your house.
  • It will decrease the efficiency of your machine by increasing its energy consumption.
  • The performance of your system can become terrible, and its cooling would be ineffective defeating its purpose
  • It can have a significant impact on your electricity bills
  • With clogged air filters, it can increase the load on your air handler to push air through causing more wear and tear.
  • It can make keeping your house at a comfortable temperature nearly impossible task as eventually all the dust might also affect your thermostat and cause it to give false readings.

Sum up

To keep your AC free from dust and working properly, it is essential to get your air filters changed every three months or so. Make sure to keep your home clean, so the dust doesn’t accumulate in the AC. Get your AC serviced and tuned up annually by hiring our experts, call us at 1300 730 896.