Does your heater make loud and unusual noises every time you turn it on? Then it is necessary to pinpoint the underlying source and solve the problem as soon as possible yourself or with a heater service. These noises would indicate more serious issues or even damages inside your unit, which would cost a lot more money for repairs. Let’s take a look at some common sounds from a heater and how to fix them.

1. Whistling noises

If your heater is whistling, just ask yourself: does this noise always occurs or just starts recently? This will help you know where to check first.

  • Gaps in the ducting:
    Try to locate where the whistling noises come from. It might be a small gap near the blower where its duct is connected with the furnace. To deal with this issue, you can simply tap up the hole with duct tape or foil tape. Sealing it off with high-temperature silicone is also an effective option.

  • Dirty filter:
    If your heater has just started whistling recently, it is advisable to examine the filter, which might be blocked and cause the fan to take in air from everywhere. To check this, you can pull out the filter and see whether the sound stops. In this case, you should remove all dirt on the unit to allow better airflows.

2. Banging noises

There are two main reasons for a banging noise from your heater:

  • Malfunctioned ignition:
    While this problem is uncommon, it could be serious when you hear a little explosion and flame when starting the heater. Thus, make sure to call a professional heater service to help you resolve this issue as soon as possible. Trying a DIY heater repair would worsen the situation and result in some possible dangers.
  • Oil-canning ductwork:
    Oil-scanning duct might be another reason for these noises. In this case, it might come with a weak spot and require support. To fix it, you would screw a thick metal piece on the spot.

3. Rattling noises

Rattling noises and vibrations are common and simple heater problems to fix on your own. Here are a couple of things that you can try to stop those annoying sounds:

  • Tape up all loose pieces
  • Screw loose ducts
  • Add cork or rubber pads underneath the heater

4. Whooshing noises

The main cause of whooshing noises is the lack of air going through your heater. In this case, you might need to resize the duct or add additional return air to the unit. This would be helpful in quieting things down. If you want a temporary solution, just use a cheap and permeable filter to allow for more airflows and keep your unit clean.

5. Motor noises

Noises coming from the motor often come from worn-out bearings or old units. The best way to deal with this issue is to have a professional heater repair by experienced technicians. They will help you replace the bearings or install a Styrofoam piece to resolve the issue. Trying on your own might cost you more money for repairing further damage.