Are you aware of the air conditioner grading process that takes place every year? Do you know what it means? Or how does it help you if you are a regular air conditioner user? If you are not aware of it, no need to fret, as this is exactly why we are here today. This blog will explain all the details on grading your air conditioner and the possible categories that your air conditioner could fall in.

So, without any further delay, let’s get right to the air conditioner grading process.

Why are air conditioners graded?

Are you a new air conditioner owner and have always wondered the reason behind people grading their air conditioners? Well, if you ask your air conditioner service team, they will tell you that the grading system is a great way of knowing the condition of your air conditioner as well as how well it is working. If your grade isn’t good, it is a warning for you to properly maintain your AC and schedule air conditioner repair if you want the conditioner to last for a long time.

What are the different air conditioners grades?

1) Grade A: Perfect

Grade A, the highest grade, means good news, as it informs you that all is well with your air conditioner, and it doesn’t require any repairs or service. It also means that it is energy efficient and you won’t be getting any high electricity bills. Usually, air conditioners with an A grade are the ones that have recently been installed.

2) Grade B: Solid Performance

Grade B means that your air conditioner has been running pretty well with one or two minor issues that aren’t that big of a deal. However, the question remains about what could have gone wrong with the conditioner and how to make it operate effectively. This grade makes you analyze the problems that you might have overlooked. The chances are that if you solve those issues, your conditioner might make it to Grade A next year.

3) Grade C: Average

Air conditioners that have been working for the past 5-10 years usually end up with a C grade. As a C grade isn’t satisfactory, you might have to give thought to replacing the air conditioner before it breaks down entirely. Consider getting a new air conditioner installation; because all your problems won’t go away with an air conditioner service.

4) Grade D: Too many issues

One of the most problematic grades, grade D rating, means that your air conditioner has many problems. Your air conditioner might be cooling the room, but you will have to deal with high electricity bills. We strongly advise you to opt for an inspection and replacement.

5) Grade F: Breakdown

This grade means that your air conditioner isn’t turning on and is completely dead. Unfortunately, in this situation, you will need a replacement.

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