If your air conditioners are used often then there might be a problem with the coils freezing up. They are likely to freeze up when operated at a very cold temperature. This issue can arise in the middle of the summer season. You have to take instant action when you see visible ice. That instant action will save you from more loss.

Here we are giving you the best solutions to your problems. You only have to follow the instructions provided. Air conditioner maintenance can play an important role in all that matters.

How to know if the AC is frozen?

Lack of cool air can be a sign of a frozen air conditioner unit. If you are getting less cool air then you should look for a fault. Like visible ice, which is the sign of a frozen unit. If you put your hands in front of the air conditioner and feel warm air, your AC may be iced up. You will have to take steps to solve this issue.

Hissing sounds coming from an air conditioner are also a sign of a frozen unit. You will have to take definite action to deal with this issue to avoid further damage. This sound can be dangerous if it is left unchecked. Hire a professional and have it solved as quickly as possible.

Defrosting a Frozen AC Unit

Complete defrosting can take an hour to a complete day. It is a time-consuming process and won’t take place in a few moments. You have to catch it as early as possible to prevent more damage.

Step # 1 – Turning off Your HVAC Unit

You have to turn off the AC urgently to avoid more damage and loss. Running a frozen air conditioner will cause more harm to your unit. Parts of the units will be irrevocably damaged. Overheating will take place and it can lead to more loss. All these issues can damage the compressor of an AC.

Warning: It will cost you extra money in air conditioner repair. To avoid huge bills, turn your thermostat off.

Step # 2 – Switching On Your Thermostat Fan

Turning on the fan will help to blow warm air on frozen coils. It will increase the process of defrosting. Make sure that the fan is not on auto mode. It must be on to avoid severe losses. Non-stop airflow will be required to enhance the defrosting process.

Step # 3 – Locating the Source of the Issues

You have to locate the real issues as quickly as possible. That will help you out to save your money and time.

Undoubtedly, professional air conditioner repair is the best solution for frozen air conditioning. The expert team at Quick Air can ensure your air conditioner works perfectly all year round. We offer second-to-none air conditioner services to keep your system working longer. We can locate and fix the issue promptly and efficiently. Call us at 1300 730 896.