It may seem as though air conditioner installation should be none of your concern. After all, it’s a technical job which you hope the installing teams are trained to handle well. But before you make the decision to install a split system into your space, it's better to consider a few factors, to avoid disappointment later.

Here they are:

1)  Budget

Money is the reality which will help you decide the brand, AC size and most importantly, the energy efficiency levels of your air conditioning system. It’s true that the more expensive an AC is, the better are its energy usage levels. So, think twice before choosing a low-cost option, as it will end up costing you more in the long run.

2)  Air Quality

Did you know that AC systems are designed for a certain level of air quality? If your home or office is in a highly polluted area, or on a main traffic junction, you may want to get the air checked in and around your premises. Top HVAC providers can sort you out with air purifying and ventilation systems. This will not only assist you to get the best results from your split air conditioner, but also take care of you, your colleagues' and family’s overall health.

3)  Wall Strength

Sounds obvious? But you’d be surprised at the number of failed split AC installations, thanks to weak walls! Uneven and false walls can cause major loss and even injury. Get your HVAC guys to check the walls you wish to adorn with an AC system. And don’t get your hopes up till they’ve given it a thumbs up!

Added to walls, figure out your ducts and their condition before installing an AC. Most good HVAC companies will check out your walls, ducts etc. for you.

4)  Placing

There are a few rules that one needs to follow for both outdoor and indoor split system air conditioners. For both systems, identify spots where the air can flow freely. Indoor, avoid cramping an AC between two cupboards or wall shelves. Mark a place around 8 feet from the floor, but not at a hard-to-reach level, especially for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

In the bedroom, choose a spot above your bed for the best results.

The condenser of a split AC should be kept in shade. Direct sunlight will ruin it and prevent it from doing its job efficiently. This will result in higher electricity bills and more frequent maintenance for the overheated machine.

Lastly, find an AC installation service that is close by, in case there are any last minute adjustments to be made to your split system air conditioner installation.

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