Nothing beats the joy of coming into the cool relief of your air-conditioned home out of a blazing hot sunny day. But, the moment you enter the premises, you smell an unpleasant odour that just adds more misery - AHH, ITS A BAD DAY!  Air-conditioners usually do not smell bad if they are well-maintained. If they start to smell bad, it is due to your system.

Why Does My AC Smell Bad?

If a foul odour is coming from your AC, there might be several issues at play. Whether it’s an electrical issue or a mould problem, it depends upon the type of smell coming from the air conditioner. It would be best if you act fast when you whiff a strange smell to avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Bad Odour Indicates Problems

Air conditioners should supply fresh air in your home. If there is a foul smell, it indicates your air ducts' health/working condition is not good. If you want to learn more about what different odours indicate and what you can do about it, keep reading.

1) Musty Smell

The refrigerant in the air conditioners absorbs both heat and moisture from the indoor air, and the excess moisture drains out via a condensate pan/line. If the moisture is unable to drain out properly, it clogs the condensate line/pan that can retain the water, causing mould or mildew to make their way into the ductwork.

Mould produces spores that can make you sick when inhaled, especially if you are allergic or have respiratory issues. At Quick Air, we have experts that will check your air ducts and condensate line for mildew and mould.

2) Exhaust Fumes

Although HVAC systems are not powered by gas, exhaust fumes can exist because of the fluids. Fluids are present in the engine and other components of the system that may leak. Call a licensed electrician to get the job done for you when dealing with such odour.

3) Rotten Egg

If your home is smelling like a rotten egg, it may be a pest problem or a dead animal. Rodents, birds, and rats often take shelter in the ductwork, and they may die there – causing the air to smell bad. So, whenever you turn your AC on, foul odour circulates throughout your home that not only causes discomfort, but impacts the efficiency of the system.


4) Skunk Smell

Is your cooling unit emitting a skunk-like odour? A gas leak is one of the potential reasons, specifically methyl mercaptan that smells more like skunk spray. Methyl mercaptan might be entering your home via air ducts putting your family life at risk. Hence, to avoid that, it would be best to leave the place right away, and call your local HVAC contractor to address the problem.


You can trust Quick Air to solve all your air conditioning odour and other issues. If a foul odour emanates from your cooling system, call the professional right away to address the issue. Don’t let foul odour ruin your day. We are just one call away- 1300 730 896 and get your air conditioners back to normal ASAP.