Over time air conditioners have become an integral part of our lives. From living rooms, markets, offices, and even in public transport, everything is equipped with air conditioning systems. Survival without AC in the burning heat of December to March is near to impossible. Modern air conditioners are not a new invention.

Since the start of the twentieth century, air conditioners have been used for multipurpose. After a period of years, these units need a replacement for multiple reasons so you can get optimal performance. That being said, the question arises, when do I need a new air conditioner, or when to buy a new AC unit?

When to Buy a New Air Conditioner

If you aren't aware of factors that influence when your air conditioning unit will need replacement, then consider these points and analyze whether you are in need of a new unit or not!

1) Age

Age is the most prominent factor when deciding on a new unit. It's an undeniable reality that your AC can't work forever; later or sooner, you have to replace it. If you have properly maintained your unit under the supervision of professional technicians, then usually, a single unit can last for ten years. But this figure won’t alone account for your final decision to either buy it or not; there are numerous other factors that must be considered before switching to a new AC.

2) High Electricity Bills

Energy bills are one of the highlighted considerations while making choices for buying new units. With time, your air conditioning units become less efficient, which results in higher energy bills. At this point, buying a new AC will be an intelligent move especially from a financial perspective.

3) New Technology

With every passing day, air conditioning units are becoming more and more energy-efficient. New features and energy efficiency can reduce a lot of hassle that you face while running your older units. So, if there's any significant innovation, then switching to a newer unit will be a wise decision.

4) Frequent Issues

If your unit seldom faces breakdowns, then seeking assistance from expert technicians will be a wise decision. IF you ignore minor issues, then these can potentially turn into bigger and consistent ones. But even after proper repairs, your AC breaks down frequently, then buying a new unit will be a financially wise option. Otherwise, increased prices of maintenance can be a costly alternative. That's why it's necessary to seek advice from qualified professionals.

5) Increased Usage

If you have bought a new house or have expanded the previous one, then buying a new air conditioner is a must. If you ignore this upgrade, then your energy bills may go higher while you will be compromising on the standard environment provided by a perfectly sized AC unit.

The Bottom Line

If your AC is lagging on any of the factors mentioned above, then switching to a new air conditioner will be a wise move. If you are facing any issues with size selection or need assistance in the installation of new units, then Quick Air is here for you. So, if you have made up your mind, then why wait! Just give us a call at 1300 730 896 to get it started Now!