As we all are surviving the scorching heat of summer, our air conditioner's running day and night to keep us cool and comfortable. A long summer period means running the air conditioner all day in our homes and offices. As for winters, the reverse air conditioner keeps us warm.

Winter or summer, ducted air conditioning is arguably the best option over other alternatives. However, most homeowners are concerned with the cost of running ducted air conditioning.

According to Canstar Blue, using a ducted air conditioner won't break your bank in winters but using a ducted AC in summers would cost you around $150 a week, which makes it $500 per month. So, How much exactly is the ducted air conditioning running cost? Let's calculate!

Cost of Running Ducted Air Conditioning Per Hour

Ducted air conditioning is arguably the best choice; especially in Australian homes; because of their energy efficiency to run both in summers and winters.

There are different factors that you should keep in mind while calculating ducted air conditioning running costs.

  • Total area the ducted AC is cooling or heating
  • Local Energy Prices
  • Climate
  • Thermostat temperature

Let's say, the average energy price is 35c/KWh, then the cost of running ducted air conditioning will be $3.5 per hour. Running the ducted AC, 5-6 hours a day over summers would cost you anything near $1700.

This is an estimation, and it varies from how much area your AC is covering, and how long it is running in a day. To find the exact estimate you can calculate the cost by following simple steps of calculating the cost of running a ducted air conditioning unit per hour.

Calculate Ducted Air Conditioning Running Cost

To calculate the approximate cost of running the ducted air conditioner.

  1. Find the cost per KWh in cents.
  2. Refer to the AC manufacturer's brochure, find the total input kW at its rated capacity of AC.
  3. Multiply the unit's electricity consumption at its full rated capacity by cost per kWh. You'll get the cost of running a ducted air conditioning unit per hour.
  4. Calculate the daily cost by examining how long the AC runs in a day and at what capacity.
  5. For example, if you find your electricity cost 20 cents per kWh, and the AC unit has the input of 3kW per KWh at full capacity, then the cost of running ducted air conditioning per hour would be 60 cents p/h.
  6. So, if you run the ducted AC for 10 hours at 50% rated capacity, the cost per hour would be:

Cost per hour = 20 × (3 × 50%) = 20 × 1.5 = 30 cent per hour

Cost for 10 hours = 30 × 10( Total hours a day) = 3.00

Keep Down the Cost of Running Ducted Air Conditioning

You can save a good amount of money if you follow some cost-saving steps while running the AC this summer:

  • Set the AC at 24°.
  • Use the zoning system and turn off the AC in empty rooms.
  • Clean your filter regularly.
  • Start the ducted air conditioning early in the morning.
  • Keep in check with the annual service to ensure that AC is running efficiently.

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Note: Calculations made are indicative estimations of the cost and should be used as a guide to calculate the cost of running your ducted AC.