With summer just around the corner, temperatures are rising as the sun re-emerges. So it's essential to make sure that your air conditioner is fully operational to create a comfortable living environment. Here are some clear signs you may have a problem on your system and it isn't prepared to keep your home cool. It might be time to contact a local air conditioner repair professional.

#1 It isn’t producing cold air

If your air conditioner appears to be working overtime just to keep the temperature comfortable or normal. The air that is circulating through its vents isn't as cold as you would like, this could result from a variety of different issues. From duct leaks to condenser issues.

#2 The air is cool, but the flow is poor

Your air conditioner is producing cold air, but it's not circulating it as powerfully as you would like. This is most likely a problem with the fan, whose primary responsibility is to push the cool air through the ducts of your air conditioning system. You may have a faulty fan control board or a clogged air filter.

#3 You see moisture accumulating in strange areas

Your air conditioning system should remain dry all the times to prevent the buildup of mildew or mold in your home. If you notice a leak, a blockage or a broken drain could be the cause. Getting your air conditioner repaired at this point is definitely in your best interest.

#4 Your system is making odd sounds

Most modern air conditioning systems have been designed to operate quietly. Any time to hear something that's louder than normal such as the banging, grinding or screeching sound from an AC is a clear sign that there's an issue inside your unit. Getting air conditioner repaired should be one of your highest priorities to avoid any more significant damage occurring.

#5 Strong smells coming from the ducts

Air conditioners when they're not maintained properly can produce strange and strong odors. This can be due to a burnt out wire or even a mold or mildew growth.

#6 Problems with the thermostat

Occasionally issues you're having with your air conditioner have nothing to do with the unit itself; it can be a problem you're having with the thermostat. Sometimes these issues are obvious, but occasionally you'll need the help of an experienced air conditioning technician.

#7 Your energy bills are on the rise

There's no denying that a fully functional air conditioner system is one of the largest energy consumption devices in your home. To make matters worse, if the systems isn't working correctly, they can cause a spike in your energy bills showing you that this needs to be repaired

All these issues can easily be avoided by scheduling a regular maintenance visit from a local air conditioning professional. A visit once every three to six months can prevent the need for further, more expensive maintenance down the road.

If you are encountered with any of the problems listed above, or you just know that your air conditioner needs repair. Please contact Quick Air today to schedule much needed maintenance. Just call us on 1300 730 896 and our expert technicians are ready to help you at your convenient time.