Even though air conditioning units are easy to install, many homeowners do not realize the importance of keeping up with regular maintenance that keeps them clean and operational. Over time your HVAC system not only loses its efficiency, but the energy bills ramp up. Having some basic know-how about how your HVAC system works helps you save a lot of money.

Most homeowners have several misconceptions about their air conditioning units. Let’s debunk some of the most probable:

1. The Bigger the AC is, the Better it is

People often think that getting a bigger AC unit will work wonders, but they do not realize that it can result in greater wear and tear. Yes, the size of the air conditioner unit matters a lot, so try finding one that fits your home space perfectly. Moreover, improperly sized air conditioners may cause the system to kick on and off excessively – a process known as short cycling.

2) Air Conditioners Only Control the Temperature of the Room

The air conditioning unit helps maintain manageable temperatures at all levels, so that you don’t have to compromise on comfort. It does both cooling and dehumidification - a two in one feature. It removes the humidity in the form of condensed water droplets. Why is it so important? Humidity can take a toll on your comfort level because if it is not removed, humidity makes you sweat and causes everything to feel damp - even if the temperature isn’t very hot.

3) Lowering the Thermostat Will Cool the Room Faster

Many homeowners prefer dropping the thermostat down to the lowest possible number. They believe that doing this will get the room cool faster. This is what you are doing wrong and is one of the culprits of increased energy bills. Lowering the thermostat won’t help cool your room rapidly - instead, it only keeps the compressor running longer, resulting in an energy drain. Hence, try opting for a mid-range with which you won’t have to compromise your comfort, alongside saving money.

4) The AC Doesn’t Need Cleaning

Air conditioning units are equipped with the tools that keep them humming for a long period. This doesn’t mean that they are immune to debris and grime. Since most of the air conditioner units are installed outside the room, making them more vulnerable to dirt. Hence, cleaning your air conditioner is of utmost importance.

5) You Don’t Have to Replace the Filters

The majority of homeowners think that cleaning the filters does the job and will keep the air conditioner running smoothly. That is, homeowners believe that there is no need to replace the filters. However, over time, the filters get coated with dirt and debris. This, in turn, restricts the airflow causing the system to work harder – affecting the cooling capacity. Hence, replacing the filters ensures the efficiency of the system.


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