Over time, usage of HVAC systems is increasing, thanks to their multifunctioning and smart operation facility. We all know sleep is a crucial part of our life. If you are a 9 to 5 worker, daily wager, or even a businessman or woman, then almost half of your stay at home is spent while sleeping. So, every system must be designed considering your sleep hours on a priority basis. That being said, a question that you may ask is; can your HVAC system affect how you sleep?

The answer is clear and crisp in the form of a big, Yes! HVAC systems and multiple factors associated with them do affect the way you sleep. It also determines the comfort you are receiving by using advanced technological systems. Let’s figure out how it affects our sleep and the solutions to optimize it according to our sleeping needs.

1. Temperature Variations

Most people prefer to sleep at lower temperatures because human body temperature falls by a few degrees during deep sleep. That’s why lower temperatures are more conducive to rest and sleep. In order to enjoy healthy sleep, a person should determine the ideal temperature for his sleep and then adjust the HVAC system to that particular temperature.

Even doing so doesn’t ensure a comfortable sleep if your HVAC system doesn’t maintain a single consistent temperature. These temperature variations badly affect your sleeping habit and can even make you suddenly wake up because it is too hot or too cold.

The inconsistent temperature usually happens because of a faulty thermostat, wrongly designed system, leakage in ductwork, or even insufficient maintenance of the system which can also lead to such issues. If you encounter any such problems, contact professionals promptly so you can enjoy better sleep with minimum burden on your budget.

2. Humidity Maintenance

With seasonal variations, a feeling of dryness or stuffiness might damage your sleep cycles. In summers, a stuffy feeling and dryness in winter are because of poor humidity control. So, it’s always preferable to add a humidifier or dehumidifier along with an HVAC system to maintain humidity levels inside any living area, especially in your bedrooms, so that you can enjoy better sleep.

3. Inner Air Quality

Inner air quality needs utmost care, as usually the same air circulates throughout the house. In this case, you might be breathing pollutants such as dirt, dust, pet hair, or any other such contaminants gathered in the ducts. These might lead to coughing, sneezing, or other breathing-related issues, especially if there’s an asthma patient living inside the house.

All these factors can disturb your sleeping cycles, or can make you wake up during the night. But changing the air filter and cleaning ducts regularly can help you get better inner air quality.

The Bottom Line

Irritating lights in the room or the buzzing sound of old or ill-maintained HVAC systems can also disturb your regular sleeping. So, proper maintenance is an inevitable part of HVAC systems, especially if you want to enjoy a comfort-filled sleep. It’s recommended to hire professionals for all such issues before the situation gets out of hand.

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