Are you looking for an efficient heating system for your home? Look no further than a gas ducted heating system which is one of the best and most energy-efficient types of heating. A professional heating contractor can help install Braemar ducted heating after performing a quality site inspection. At Quick Air, our experienced heating technicians can install the whole heating system either under the floor, or in a roof space - depending on your home.

How does a Braemar gas ducted heating system work?

Braemar ducted heating works by drawing air from the home’s interior. After drawing the air, it then pushes the air on the heating tubes using the fan. Then the air gets re-circulated into the house, and draws exhaust gasses in order to expel them outside.

What Are Braemar Ducted Error Codes?

The Braemar ducted heating error codes indicate that there is any problem with the heating system. If any component is not functioning properly, you might see an error code on your Braemar ducted heating. To identify the issue, it is necessary to know what the error means? There is a list of error codes for  Braemar ducted heaters. You can find them in the manual provided by the manufacturer. It usually comes with the Braemar ducted heating system. Below, we will look at two error codes as an example.

1) Braemar Error Code 07

This error code identifies that there is an ignition failure. It’s recommended to let a professional heating technician repair your heating system. The potential cause of error code 7 could be damaged or disconnected ignition cable, incorrect spark gap, incorrect test point pressure, etc. In either case, our expert technicians can inspect your heating system to identify the exact cause and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

2) Braemar Error Code 01

When the PS low is closed at the start, it shows Braemar error code 01. It is a Braemar ducted heating problem often caused by a faulty pressure switch, blocking the combustion fan suction base, or other similar issues. Sometimes, a repair can help fix the issue. However, replacement might be needed if the problem still persists.

How To Deal With Braemar Ducted Error Codes?

1) Reset your system

When you experience any error code, resetting your Braemar ducted heating system may resolve the problem. However, doing so will erase all the memory. It is a simple troubleshooting solution. Seek professional advice from an expert technician before doing any troubleshooting. After resetting your system, you will need to wait for 15 to 30 minutes.

2) Call a professional technician

Calling an expert is the best way to deal with the Braemar ducted error codes. At Quick Air, our professional team can inspect the condition of your heating system. We offer second to none heater service and ensure the optimum working of your heating system. Most importantly, our services are affordable without compromising on quality. Our experts can help no matter which Braemar ducted error code you’re getting.