Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems have become quite popular among homeowners in the first few years, thanks to a ton of benefits they guarantee. Ducted reverse cycle systems are highly versatile units that will allow you to stay cool during the summer and remain warm in winter. Simply put, they are the ultimate HVAC units for the Australian home!

Unlike conventional split system units, reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling units are designed to offer a whole-home solution that can condition multiple rooms or a single room, all via an easy to use AC system.

Regarding how they operate, ducted reverse cycle air conditioners simply extract the heat from outdoors and transfer it inside your home, that is if it is on heating mode. On the other hand, when it is set to cool, it will remove the heat out of your home while leaving cool air inside.

So why should you consider installing this type of HVAC in your home?

1) It guarantees much-needed energy efficiency:

One major selling point of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning units is that they are highly energy efficient. Whereas traditional air conditioners work by creating heat energy to warm your home, the ducted reverse cycle counterparts simply absorb heat from the outside to warn your indoor air. And during the hot season, they absorb heat from your indoor air and dissipate it outdoors, leaving cool air to make you comfortable.

Studies have proven that with this incredible unit at your disposal, you can potentially save as much as 31% on your monthly energy bills.

2) It is good for the environment:

It is also imperative to note that ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are environmental friendly, emitting only a third of the total greenhouse gas emissions produced by their standard electric HVAC counterparts. What’s more, they cost nearly half the price of portable gas heaters to warm the same sized room. So, if you are looking to efficiently heat or cool your home while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint, then ducted reverse cycle units should be your best ultimate choice.

3) They are excellent air purifiers!

With a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning installation, dust, dirt, and smoke particles will all disappear! This is because they come equipped with built-in air-purifying filters that effectively trap fine airborne particles, ensuring that you only have clean and safe air inside your home. Some models can also decompose odors, absorb and deactivate viruses and bacteria.

This unique feature makes them an excellent choice for those suffering from respiratory conditions as well as allergies.

4) They produce less noise but guarantees much greater comfort:

When it comes to choosing the best heating and cooling unit, perfect climate control is always the key factor to take into account. However, this is not the only feature to consider. After all, you also want a unit that operates quietly because operating noise levels can have an impact on your comfort levels. A significant number of ducted reverse cycle air conditioners boast unique technology that greatly reduces noise levels, maximizing homeowners’ comfort at every level.

5) They are highly versatile:

With ducted reverse cycle air conditioning units, you only need to pay once for an HVAC system that performs two tasks. With the push of a button, you can seamlessly alternate between heating and cooling modes. This can be a handy perk, particularly if you reside in an area where you could need a heater one day and the cooler the following day.

While ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are arguably the best heating and cooling units currently ruling the market, this doesn’t entirely imply that they will always function optimally without developing any problems. Just like any other type of HVAC, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning installation should be followed by regular servicing and maintenance to ensure they operate in tip-top condition.

As they are very complex devices, ducted reverse cycle air conditioner repair issues should only be handled by highly experienced and well-trained air conditioner service and repair professionals.