An AC needs tune-up or maintenance at least twice a year. A Tune-up is required to keep your AC working efficiently, and provide great quality air. But the question is from whom you should get the AC tuned up? Should you get it done by the Installer of your AC, or find a new technician for this task? Your AC installer can be the best or the worst choice for doing its tune-up. Here’s how you can choose the best service provider for the AC tune-up service.

When should you get AC to tune up service from the Installer?

You can get your AC tuned up from its Installer and there are a lot of benefits in doing so. For example, your Installer already knows everything about your AC system, so he will be able to better understand the problems and do the Tune-up compared to a new technician who knows nothing about your air conditioning system. Your installer already knows about your air conditioning and HVAC system, this information will help him in providing helpful maintenance solutions.

If your company does both Installation and maintenance then they will be a great benefit. You will get a technician who is especially proficient in providing a tune-up service. It means you will get a highly professional and impeccable AC tune-up. It's better if you get your AC installed by such a company providing both Installation and maintenance services. So, you won't have to find a new technician for the tune-up or maintenance later on.

When shouldn't you get the AC tune-up service from the Installer?

When you think that the installer or the installation company isn't capable of doing it proficiently. There are a lot of companies out there, providing great AC installation services but lacking maintenance services. For example, the technician who installed the AC might not be skilled in the plumbing service, so he won't be able to fix the pipe issues in your HVAC system.

Therefore, it is better to understand that the Installer is capable enough to take out tune-up service or not. Make sure to check that the installer has these skills for fixing any sort of AC issue:

  • Diagnosing and fixing electrical problems
  • Understanding and handling the refrigerant chemicals
  • And know how to fix plumbing issues.

If the Installer of your AC doesn't have these skills, then you need to get an AC tune-up from a new technician.

Final Thoughts

If your installer is capable of providing professional tune-up service then stick to him, but if he isn't, then you need to find a new tune-up service provider. There are a lot of companies out there providing skilled and professional AC tune-up service providers. You can look for them and hire a technician for this service.

You can contact Quick Air for this service. We are an Australia based company that specializes in both AC installation, maintenance and tune-up services. Even if you got your AC installed from a different company, our maintenance professionals of Quick Air will still provide tune-up service for your AC. Call us now at 1300 730 896.