Just like you cannot imagine a day without an air conditioner during summers, a ducted heater is a must during winters. But, what if your heater suddenly stops working when it is chilling cold outside? Certainly, you would not want to imagine yourself in such a condition. So, it is very important to identify problems on time and get it repaired before it turns out to be a big issue. But how do you know there is a problem? Well, to make things easier for you, we are sharing six signs that suggest there is an issue, and you need a ducted heater service right away.

1. Your bills are going higher

If you notice your energy bills have increased by a considerable amount suddenly, then this could signify there is some problem with your ducted heater. Maybe there is some issue with your thermostat that makes your heater pump longer and harder and thus increases the bills immensely. Or, your heater may not be working properly due to some other reason that only a heater technician will be able to identify.

2. You need to keep adjusting the temperature

You only need to adjust the temperature of your heater at the beginning or end of the day. However, if you notice you constantly need to turn the temperature up and down, then this is yet another sign that suggests your heater needs repair. If you ignore this issue, then in time to come, your heater may break beyond repair.

3. It cycles continuously

Ducted heating systems stop when it has heated your room to your desired temperature. If your system is working properly, then it should always stop cycling once your set temperature is reached. But, if you observe the heating cycle goes on continually, or there are only little breaks in between different cycles, then there is some problem. With each cycle, your unit is only getting damaged further and increasing the repair expenses.

4. You hear strange noises

Your heater ideally should work quietly. If, however, it is very loud when the cycle shuts off or when it starts, then there likely is a problem. Any strange noises that you get to hear needs immediate professional attention.

5. The temperature is different in different rooms

Every room in your house must have the same temperature or at least nearly the same temperature. There can be a little fluctuation caused by doors or windows, and that is perfectly okay. But, if the differences in temperature in different rooms are quite noticeable, then you need professional help.

6. There is a burning smell

When you turn your heater on, is there a burning smell? If yes, then likely too much dust has accumulated in the vents. If the smell remains even after a few hours of starting the heater post a long break, or the heater emits a burning smell despite being used continuously for weeks or months, then this is an issue that cannot be ignored.

To Conclude –

A ducted heater is quite an expensive equipment, and naturally, you will want it to last you for long. To make this possible, you have to keep checking if it is working efficiently and that there is no issue that raises concern. And, whenever you notice a problem that you cannot handle, opt for ducted heater service right away. Just give us a call on 1300 730 896 and we will help you fix it quickly.