Most people don’t think about their AC until summer hits. However, if you understand best practice for an air conditioner, you will benefit the most from the unit. In this article, you will also learn that AC is an interesting device. Here are six cool facts you may not know about air conditioning.

1. Age

Your air conditioner has an average lifespan of 15-20 years. After that, you will notice that you will need more air conditioner repairs. Among the many air conditioning tips, if you have been keeping up with the regular maintenance, you can get a warranty that will repair or replace the unit; if the failure is from normal wear and tear. Talk to our expert technician to learn more about this fact.

2. Function

Most people assume the AC unit functions by cooling the room. However, the device works by removing heat from the house. The system works by drawing hot energy from the house and transferring it outdoors. It then supplies the air in the space with cool air. For the unit to give you optimal service, it is best not to skip air conditioner maintenance.

3. Energy

The amount of power used by AC units in the US can power the whole continent of Africa. Therefore, you should be concerned about the amount of power consumed by your unit. Learning air conditioning tips can help you get the best out of the device, like; reversing your fans’ direction depending on the weather will help you save on energy. During the summer, blades should rotate counterclockwise and during the winter clockwise. If you have any issues, call a qualified air conditioner service to help you out.

4. Uneven Cooling

The AC system works like relationships; if you do not take care of your relationship, they are bound to fail. If you do not take care of the AC system, it will not cool or warm you. Having uneven cooling does not necessarily mean that the AC is damaged. Learning air conditioning tips will ensure you understand the device better. For instance, it might be that the airflow is obstructed. Calling a qualified air conditioning expert will ensure that they deal with the cause of the obstruction and will quickly determine the cause of uneven cooling.

5. Dirt And Dust

Dirt and dust are the worst enemies of the AC unit. Nine out of ten of all the system failures are because of dirt and dust. You need to call in air conditioner experts to clean the duct for you. The right technician will have the necessary tools to deal with the system and ensure that your unit works as required. We recommend that you do a clean at least once a year.

6. Clean Air

About 50% of illnesses are caused by polluted air, and since AC units were invented, the number of people getting allergies has reduced significantly. However, you need to get in touch with our air conditioner service technician to maintain the unit. When you hire the right professional, your AC will work just fine. Call us on 1300 730 896.