Summers are here, and each time no matter how prepped we are, they seem to stun us and leave us sweaty and cranky. In such times, if you have had an air conditioning service, you will be less stressed. Below, we have some air conditioning tips for you to get the most out of your unit.

1) Learning Settings

How do you plan on getting the best air conditioning service if you don’t know what settings your air conditioning has? Learning the settings and the functions is crucial if you plan on making the most out of it.  On tons of air conditioning systems, you will find the economy mode. This mode is perfect for keeping churning out moderate cooling and ensuring that energy saving is on as well.

Similarly, you can also program certain settings on your air conditioning device to make it useful; such as setting a time for turning on and off. This is one of our most important air conditioning tips.

2) Right Servicing

Among our other air conditioning tips, we highly stress service or maintenance. To make sure that the efficiency of your air conditioning is at its best, remember to get it serviced, and maintained at least every 12 months. This should be done by air conditioning service professionals such as Quick Air.

3) Blocking Sunlight

While this might not seem significant, sunlight can have a huge effect on the performance of your air conditioner. To get the most out of your device, we have some more air conditioning tips for you. This includes blocking the path of sunlight.

Make sure that the blinds of your doors and windows are shut, and the curtains are closed as well during the daytime when the heat is at its highest. This way, direct heat won’t affect your home, and your air conditioning can function smoothly without the excess heat.

4) Ductwork Sealing

The next one in our air conditioning tips is to make sure that the ductworks are not exposed in any way. If these spots and spaces are not sealed properly, you will suffer a lack of cooling in your room or house as a result of leakage. Get professional help from experts at Quick Air for the inspection and insulation of ductworks. These experts will use thick insulating material and seal off any leakage.

5) Heat Producing Appliances

To heighten the air conditioning service in your house, make sure that all heat-producing appliances such as kettles, irons, ovens, and stoves, etc., are as far away from the thermostat as possible. Certified HVAC technicians by Quick Air will be able to gauge the best location for your thermostat so that the heat-producing appliances can be used in the same room while the thermostat will be situated in the best location.

Implement these air conditioner tips in your daily life, and you can get the utmost efficiency out of your machines. Just remember to keep up with the maintenance, and you’ll be good to go.