It's always a good idea to call your heating contractor if you detect that something is wrong. Contacting professionals when there are early warning signs for potential problems can save both time and money. And, it may also keep you safe from the dangers of undetected leaks or spills in your home's pipes - which could lead to an explosion. Our team at Quick Air offers comprehensive maintenance services, so we know how important it is not only to find these things out quickly, but also to fix them before they worsen!

1. Weird Noises

Very few of us pay much attention to our heating system. The most common way that people learn about problems with their heating systems is when the heat stops working, but a better indicator would be if it starts making strange noises. Furnaces and boilers need special care; because the noises can sometimes indicate dangerous or harmful issues; such as leaking gas and carbon monoxide. Listen for rumbling, rattling, or other alarming sounds from your furnace/boiler - then contact a professional heater service immediately.

2. Yellow flame or flickering

The color of the flame on your furnace can tell you a lot about how it's doing. If you know what to look for, checking this should be an easy task. The fuel in most furnaces will produce blue flames that burn steadily and doesn’t change colors, but if it starts flickering or changing colors at all – even just going from orange to red - then there could be something wrong with your heating system. If these changes happen suddenly, without any other symptoms, like noise coming from the burner area, or odor filling up space around where the heat is being generated (perhaps gas), shut off power immediately before anything else happens and call a professional.

3. Low heat or no heat

Have you noticed that your heating system isn't producing enough heat, or is not turning on at all? If so, then it's time to call in the professionals. Sometimes, these problems can be as simple as changing air filters, but they are more complex, like replacing a fan motor, thermocouple, and even pilot light. However big or small the problem may seem, our highly trained technicians will quickly diagnose what needs repairing for an affordable price!

4. Test with safety detectors

You might think you're just running your furnace for a few minutes in the winter, but it's essential to make sure all detectors are working. That includes smoke and carbon monoxide alarms! If one of these malfunctions while you turn on your heating system, there could be hazardous fumes that will quickly damage anyone who breathes them in. Ensure to test out every detector before turning on any equipment, so that no accidents happen this season!

5. Make a schedule for heating maintenance

Whether you live in the United States or Australia, it is important to schedule heating maintenance. You should do this before turning on your furnace so that a professional HVAC contractor can inspect and clean parts of your system while lubricating them as well. Maintenance will prolong the life of your unit and help prevent breakdowns during this winter season; contact Quick Air to schedule a heater service.

Quick Air can help you with all your heating and cooling needs. Our technicians are trained, experienced professionals who will work quickly and efficiently while making sure you stay comfortable at every hour of day or night. We can ensure that your heating unit stays safe throughout winter by providing annual professional safety checks on each system, and other benefits, like priority service and exclusive deals! It's just another way Quick Air helps make life easy with top quality services. We are just a call away, call us at 1300 730 896.