One of the primary reasons why domestic air conditioners pack it in is because homeowners in Australia do not pay attention to the warning signs. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to know what to look for so that you can prevent further damage.

Replacing an air conditioner may cost you an arm and a leg, which is why you should be aware of the signs that tell you that your air conditioner is functioning under duress. Most people dismiss some of these indicators, thinking it is all in their heads. Continue reading these signs to find out more.

1) Your Unit’s Air Flow is Weak

There is a high probability that air conditioner service are inevitable if you start to notice poor or weak airflow from the unit’s vents. This could also be an indicator that the compressor is failing. Stand in each room and observe if they are all receiving sufficient cold air. If they are not, then the duct could be at fault here.

2) Your Unit is Blowing Hot Air

If your air conditioner is blowing out hot air, then it is time to call in the cavalry. Be wary that if you continue to ignore this problem, the damage caused could lead to the ultimate end of your system. A qualified technician will help you get to the root of this problem and take steps to fix it before the unit fails.

3) Moisture or Leakage Around Your Unit

If you find any leakage or moisture around your air conditioner, then that is a tell-tale sign to put in a call to your local air conditioner service. Leakages and moisture can be a result of refrigerant leaking or blocked drain tubes, which dispose of the condensation. The former is quite dangerous for your home, as well as your family. Therefore, it needs to be addressed without any delays.

4) Your Unit Emanates a Particular Odor

Do you remember how clean the air smelled after your very first air conditioner installation? If this is not the case right now and you are noticing some foul or strange smell coming from it, then the insulation wire may have burnt out.

On the other hand, a musty smell is an indicator that mould has grown inside the system. It needs to be taken out right away to ensure that there is no irreparable damage that would cost you later.

5) Your Unit Sounds Odd

If you hear some strange sounds coming from your unit, then there could be a problem somewhere inside it. Squealing, grinding, and grating sounds are a sign that you need to contact your local air conditioner service, Quick Air, as soon as possible. The entire system will have to be repaired because there could be something seriously wrong with it.

For a reliable and quick service to fix your unit, which does not force you to break your bank, you need to get in touch with Quick Air at 1300 730 896. We deliver exceptional air conditioner repair services, which are guaranteed to prolong the life of your unit.