Surviving the blazing heat of summer is a most arduous task if you live in Australia. That’s why people rush to electronic stores to buy air conditioners and other cooling alternatives for their homes and offices. One issue is common for many people, “we don’t have space for a cooling system”. Yes, that’s a common issue; you are not alone in this problem.

Suppose you don’t have a spacious place to install a cooling system; no need to worry. There are multiple compact options that can fit almost any location. So, without any further delay, let’s discuss 5 different cooling systems that can be installed almost everywhere.

1) Window Air Conditioners

Window ACs are the simplest form of air conditioners. One little box-shaped unit contains all the essential components and parts required for its optimal functioning. These are usually preferable when wall size space is minimal. These are mainly installed in windows and plugged into the traditional electrical system without any fancy addition. Their exhaust system pushes all the warm air outside while providing a cool environment for the inhabitants.

2) Hi-Wall Split System

Hi-wall split systems tend to increase air circulation in the required space while keeping the temperature and humidity at optimal levels. This whole process ensures healthier and cooler air for the people inside the house. If you have a little space for placing your cooling system along with some additional space outside the house for the outdoor unit, then the Hi-wall split system is made for you.

3) Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split systems are a perfect solution for all of your needs. If you are looking for an all-in-one combo of heating and cooling while having very little space, then these systems are ready to install in your house. Their heating system is usually positioned outside while other components, including the cooling system, are installed inside.

4) Ducted Cooling

If you have a small space, it doesn’t mean you have to bear the blazing waves of heat. There are multiple options, but ducted cooling is the optimal one. You might have a different view of these ducted cooling systems in your mind, but these systems are best manufactured to meet the needs of every type of place, especially tiny ones. This flat ceiling system maintains the cool indoor conditions of your living space without any indoor unit.

5) Portable Air Conditioner

Since their inception, portable air conditioners are considered the best option for compact and cramped spaces. Small places like apartments or mini-shops can’t accommodate permanently installed air conditioners due to a lack of space. So, these portable ones provide cool air, and then they can be removed once the summer is over.

The Bottom Line

If you have made up your mind to wipe out all the fuss that comes during the summer months with a cooling system, then choose the best location in your house. Choosing a proper place and installing these units requires experience and expertise so they can work in optimal conditions. If you are unsure about the most suitable location, or need someone to properly install these units, feel free to contact our professional team at 1300 730 896.