If you’re building or renovating a house, then you’re probably interested in the different heating systems available. This article will discuss some of the more popular heating systems that you can get, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. By the end of this article, you will be able to make an informed decision on which type is best for your home.

1. Ducted Heating System

This kind of heater is powered by either electricity or gas, depending on which utility is easily accessible in your area. This is an effective type of heater and is also quite energy-efficient. When it comes to providing comfort for a household, this kind of heater does the job well.

One of the things you need to know about central heat furnaces; however, is that they require an extensive system of ducts and vents to work. This means that if you don’t have existing vents and ducts in your home, then you will need to do some retrofitting. This will require a significant amount of investment on your part.

2. Traditional Boilers

This is another popular heating option for homes. This type of heater is powered by either oil or natural gas. In this system, water is boiled and passes through radiators. Unlike central heating furnaces, boilers do not require ducts to be put in place.

So you can easily have this type of heater even if you don’t have existing vents and ducts in your home. But one requirement of this heater is the presence of radiators in each room in your house. Some people don’t like this because the radiators can be an eyesore and they take up quite a space.

3. Heat Pumps

Among heater types, this is the most versatile. If you’re looking for a heating system that you can use all year-round, then you should consider getting heat pumps. Because heat pumps are capable of not only heating your home during the winter months, but they can also cool your home during the summer months. There are two different kinds of heat pumps: air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps.

As the name suggests, air-source heat pumps use outside air. During winter, air serves as a heat source and during summer, it serves as a heat sink. This is the most common type of heat pump unit. It’s also popular because of its relatively affordable price, and because it’s easy to install. It’s installed in the same way as a central air conditioner.

As you may have guessed, a ground-source heat pump gets heat from the ground. This type is more expensive than an air-source heat pump, but it’s more sustainable and efficient. So investing in this type of heater is a wise thing to do especially if you’re planning to stay in your current home for a long time.

4. Ductless Systems

This type of system is increasingly the standard in heating in different parts of the world. A ductless unit is usually mounted on a wall and is combined with an outdoor compressor. Among heater types, this is one of the most energy-efficient. It is also very quiet.