Every homeowner deserves some level of comfort, and the ultimate way to guarantee this type of comfort is to install a ducted air conditioning unit in your home. A ducted air conditioner is a unique type of HVAC system that is capable of cooling your entire home.

Ducted heating and cooling systems feature a central unit that effectively cools the air and then distributes the cooled air through a series of ducts into the various rooms within your home. In terms of functionality, ducted air conditioners are great for homeowners, and come equipped with premium features that can’t be rivaled by many other types of air conditioners.

First and foremost, most ducted air conditioners can cool your entire home, creating consistent and stable cool or warm temperatures. Ducted air conditioners are also highly versatile, and you can zone them to only cool the rooms you are using to save on monthly energy costs.

Ducted air conditioners are also incredibly inobtrusive, as the only component you see are vents that allow the cold air to come through the floor or ceiling. The remaining parts of the system are safely installed in a hidden place. However, even though the unit is hidden out of sight, you can easily access the unit during any repair or maintenance service.

Ducted air conditioning also operates very quietly, allowing homeowners to have comfortable and quiet nights. What’s more, the compressor system is usually located in a place outside your home that is far away from bedrooms.

Simply put, you have every reason to purchase and install a ducted air conditioner. Regardless, it is important to note that just like any other cooling and heating units, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning require routine maintenance to function effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, there are a few common issues that often plague ducted air conditioning systems - even with seasoned maintenance. Some of these issues include:

1. Filthy or clogged ducts:

If there are gaps in the return air ducts, they will ultimately force your ducted air conditioning to suck in unwanted elements such as pollen, dirt, dust, and other forms of debris, causing the ducts to become clogged. Dirty air ducts will not only impact your indoor air quality, but will also affect your system’s overall performance and make it less efficient. You’ll have to contact your local ducted air conditioner service technician to help repair or replace the filthy ducts.

2. Air loss

If your ducted air conditioning unit is poorly maintained, the chances are always high that leaks will occur in the ductwork, providing a gateway for cool air to escape. This can be a costly issue, as it may not only increase your monthly energy bills significantly, but will also cause condensation to occur on the outside of your ductwork. You’ll need the assistance of a qualified HVAC technician to solve this particular issue.

3. Stuck or jammed zoning gates

Zoned ducted air conditioning allows you to seamlessly regulate airflow to individual rooms within your home. However, if these zone “gates” fail or get damaged, the cool air will be sent to the areas of your house that you don’t want to be cooled. When this occurs, you will need to act fast and contact your local ducted air conditioner service to replace the broken gets, clear the jams and clogs, or fix any faulty actuators and wiring.

4. Insulation problems:

As opposed to split systems,  where the distance between the outdoor and indoor components is somewhat shorter, there is usually a big distance between the compressor and the ducted air conditioning grilles themselves. Even though this may not look like an issue, the truth of the matter is that long distances translate to more cool air being lost. During the summer, your ceiling space traps lots of heat which in turn, will radiate into the ducts of your air conditioning, warming up the cool air. This will ultimately make your unit operate less efficiently, taking much longer to cool your home.

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